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Happy Easter!

Let’s just pretend this isn’t almost a month late, okay?  Let’s rewind to before school got out, before my 5 finals, before my too-many-to-count projects and essays (are you visualizing this?), to that beautiful Sunday at the beginning of the month that was Easter.

Emily and Andrew came us in the morning, and then we came back to the house and got cookin’.

Easter 2010 020

Of course my mom had beautifully decorated the dining room table.

Easter 2010 021

Mom made the ham, baked beans, and potato salad.  Dad made the yellow squash casserole.  Andrew made the deviled eggs.

Easter 2010 025

We also had an amazing fruit salad.

Easter 2010 026

It was a great Easter feast!

Easter 2010 024


Easter 2010 016

Easter picture time!

Easter 2010 017


Easter 2010 005

I made these cupcakes, using a kit from World Market.  I thought they turned out really cute.  I also made some gluten free ones for Andrew (the ones at the bottom with no lady bug).  Those were… interesting.  The frosting was good, though!

Easter 2010 007

The Easter Bunny still comes to our house, even through my sister and I are out of our teens!

Easter 2010 012

He was very good to us this year.  My grandma’s Easter Bunny showed up late, so those things didn’t get in the picture, but he brought some yogurt and Clif bars!  Thanks, Easter Bunnies!!!


I’m home from college now for a month.  I got my grades and was very happy to see my hard work paid off.  I guess staying away from the blog was a good decision, but I’m glad to be back!  I missed you all!

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